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It all started when Chef Lorraine was in the 5th grade (no, they didn’t call her Chef Lorraine then!) when she made Mac n’ Cheese with her Girl Scout Troop. Well, the story goes that everyone loved her macaroni and cheese (That’s what they called it back then) and Lorraine’s parents would ask her to make it for the whole family!

Well, over the years she has experimented hundreds of times with different ingredients, procedures and recipes to get just the right “Ooey Gooey” texture for her cheese sauce and the exact Cheddar cheese flavor and “mouth feel”(That’s just a fancy term chefs like to use these days) to go with the fine Durham wheat semolina pasta (OK, you can call them noodles) that she uses at her Fabulous Mac n’ Cheez! Kitchens!

No, this is “Not your Mama’s Mac n’ Cheese!”….Unless your Mother has a real  passion for Macaroni and Cheese, has worked for 30 years refining her Mac n’ Cheese recipe, is using Local Cheeses and can make you a “Made-Fresh-to-Order” Mac n’ Cheez! In less than five minutes, like Chef Lorraine can. And, yes we are talking about “Sweet Lorraine” herself with full-service restaurants in Southfield and Livonia, Michigan!

Chef Lorraine opened her first Fabulous Mac n’ Cheez! Kitchen at the Food Court in the Great Lakes Cross-  ing Outlets mall (Auburn Hills, Michigan) in 2010. It was an instant hit! Now she has opened her second “Mac n’ Cheez!” location at the Peacock Cafes (You can call it a Food Court, “cause that’s what it really is) at The Somerset Collection North in Troy, Michigan. We’re really hoping that you’ll enjoy the freshly made Soups, Salads, Sandwich Wraps and Mac n’ Cheez! just as much as they do at all of the Sweet Lorraine’s locations!   Thanks for reading and thanks for trying our Fabulous Mac n’ Cheez!

We hope you will help us write the next  chapter of the Mac n’ Cheez! History

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