• “I, for one, welcome our cheesy noodle overlords.”

    “Who knew Mac n’ Cheese could be this cool?”
    “We drove 2 hours to eat here!”
    “Holy cow, where has Truffle and Mushroom Mac & Cheese been all of my life?
    “I am an executive chef at a 5-star restaurant. Not much impresses me and
    I am impressed!”
    “The WHOLE family can eat here!
      Awesome place!”

  • Mac n’ Cheez! was crazy good!”

    “Best Cream of Tomato Soup ever!  You should sell it by the GALLON!”
    “Wonderful  lunch!  The Philly Cheesecake Mac with hot peppers was great!”
    “Extreme Veggie was amazing and great service!”
    “Good portions, good prices, good eats!  Keep it up!”
    “It’s a cheesy heaven!”

  • “I literally ran here to get Mac n’ Cheez! before you closed!
    I may have knocked over a few children in the process!”

    “Today I drove 30 miles for my Mac n’ Cheez!”
    “The brownies are the best!”
    “Your salads are THE BEST!”
    “Awesome Buffalo Wrap.”
    “Pepperoni Pizza Mac RULES!”

  • “Best.  Idea.  Ever.”
    “Love, love, love your Extreme Veggie Mac n’ Cheez!”
    “I love being able to get a great salad.  Nice to have healthy options!”
    “I love Mac n’ Cheese, so I had high expectations of this place.  You exceeded all of them!  

  • “I’m in macaroni heaven!”

    “You guys are soooo good!  I think I might become addicted!”
    “Best staff ever!  So entertaining!”
    “Thanks for GREAT veggie options!”
    “This place is so exciting!” 

  • “We tried the Mac n’ Cheez! for the first time when we first arrived at the mall.  Three hours later, we are back and taking two home!”

    “My three-year-old AND my husband love this place!”
    “This place is a children’s heaven for kid’s meals! Great prices too.”
    “Best Mac and Cheese on the planet.”

  • “This place is the apex of human achievement.”

    (Ok, now we’re blushing)
    “As a lifelong connoisseur of Mac n’ Cheese, I must say that your Four-Cheese was the best I’ve ever had.”
    “Sweet Lorraine’s Chicken Caesar Wrap is the best!  Get it or regret it!”
    “Awesome! You rock my socks!”

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